Monday 6 October 2014

Configuring Citrix StoreFront (XenDesktop 7.x) to use HTTPS, and Configuring Citrix Receiver with "Provisioning File"

If you try and configure Citrix Receiver manually when your Citrix StoreFront is still configured to use HTTP and not HTTPS you will receive the following error "Please enter a secure server address that begins with HTTPS".

You must first configure IIS with a certificate. Open IIS, double click Server Certificates from the host name list. Then click on New Domain Certificate, in this example I am using a wildcard certificate and as this is only internal none of the other details are required.

In an Active Directory domain it will auto detect the Certificate Authority servers, also give the certificate a Friendly Name click Next and you will receive a certificate.

The next step is to configure the site bindings expand Sites and click Default Web Site from there click on Bindings and create a new HTTP Binding using the SSL certificate you just installed. The friendly name of the certificate will appear here.

You now need to reconfigure Citrix to use HTTPS, open the Citrix StoreFront and click Server Group click on the Change Base URL link and append an s onto the existing URL so that it reads HTTPS.

Now if you look throughout the StoreFront the status will have changed to StoreFront using HTTPS.

You should now be able to configured Citrix Receiver.

Although you can do this manually as outlined above, there is also a way to export the configuration for a particular site. This lets you make it available to users so that when Citrix Receiver is installed on their computers all they have to do is double click the link. You export the Provisioning File from the Citrix StoreFront\Stores window.