Monday 13 January 2020

Azure Network Watcher: the default "NetworkWatcherRG" Resource Group is just irritating (how to change it)

If you are like me and insist on keeping your Azure subscriptions nice and tidy, with consistent naming of resource groups the default “NetworkWatcherRG” resource group is bound to annoy you.

Network Watcher is a region level service which can be used to troubleshoot network connectivity between your Azure resources. If you do not want the “NetworkWatcherRG” resource group making things look untidy, the trick is to create the instance of Network Watcher manually using Azure CLI or PowerShell.

The example below creates a Network Watcher instance for UK South in a designated resource group.

az login

az network watcher configure --resource-group "rb-core-rg-1" --locations uksouth --enabled