Tuesday 3 September 2019

How to publish RemoteApps on Windows Virtual Desktop using Powershell

To publish RemoteApps on Windows Virtual Desktop, you must create a dedicated Host Pool for RemoteApps. It is not possible to coexist RemoteApps with full desktops. This was the same in legacy Remote Desktop Services. I have already created a new Host Pool using the Portal called “hostpool2”, please note for RemoteApps you must create the host pool with a server operating system.

Use the following command to authenticate to the WVD tenant.

Add-RdsAccount -DeploymentUrl https://rdbroker.wvd.microsoft.com

Use the following command to create a new RemoteApp Group.

New-RdsAppGroup -TenantName "Tenant Name" -HostPoolName "hostpool2" -Name "Demo"

Use the following command to display all the available applications on the host pool VM’s. This command displays 3 variables which are required for the New-RdsRemoteApp command.

1 – App Name: the name of the application
2 – Icon Path: the icon path on the local system to be displayed as part of the published app.
3 – File Path: the raw file path of the exe of the app to be published.

Get-RdsStartMenuApp -TenantName "Tenant Name" -HostPoolName "hostpool2" -AppGroupName "Demo"

Take the info which was displayed in the last step to complete the New-RdsRemoteApp command.

New-RdsRemoteApp -TenantName "Tenant Name" -HostPoolName "hostpool2" -AppGroupName "Demo" -Name "Calculator" -FilePath "C:\windows\system32\win32calc.exe" -IconIndex "0"

Use the Add-RdsAppGroupUser command to grant permissions to users or groups.

Add-RdsAppGroupUser -TenantName "Tenant Name" -HostPoolName "hostpool2" -AppGroupName "Demo" -UserPrincipalName "user1@domain.com"