Monday 31 August 2015

Cloud Security Alliance CCSK Exam Experience

This evening I passed the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK exam, version 3.0. I studied for around a week reading the two documents multiple times that the certification is based on.

If you have been operating in the cloud space for any time, and have some experience with authentication, key management etc you are probably about half way to passing the exam, this is mainly because some of the questions are common sense.

The pass mark is 80% so you will notice I just passed with 82%, you have 90 minutes to answer 60 questions. Most of the questions are only a couple of sentences, not like some Microsoft certifications where you have a couple of paragraphs to read and digest. Luckily I passed on my first attempt but the $345 (£230) does entitle you to having two attempts.

 If you read over the two study guides a couple of times and understand the content you should have no problems passing CCSK.