Wednesday 18 March 2015

Installing Azure SDK and Creating a Session to Microsoft Azure

To configure Microsoft Azure you have two options for most things, the Management Portal and the PowerShell Cmdlets. Obviously as Azure matures the likelesshood is more complex configurations will require PowerShell.
If you are using a Windows laptop to administer Azure you must download and install the Software Development Kit (SDK), in order to make a remote PowerShell connection to your Azure tenancy.
It can be downloed from here
Once the Azure SDK is installed (it's a Next, Next, Finish install), you must launch the Microsoft Azure PowerShell as an Administrator. I have also seen some problems with it that means the PowerShell box needs resized to make the text readable.

From the Azure PowerShell window type Add-AzureAccount and hit Enter.

You will then be prompted to enter the Global Administrator credentials for your Azure tenancy.

Once you have been authenticated and the connection has been made you will be able to use Azure PowerShell Cmdlets to configure items in your tenancy.