Sunday 17 August 2014

Mailbox New-MoveRequest StatusDetail "StalledDuetoCI" Exchange Server 2013 SP1

During mailbox move requests in Exchange 2013 the StatusDetail field changes to StalledDuetoCI, it sits here for hours on end!

To resolve the issue, do the following:
  1. Create a new Active Directory group that is named "ContentSubmitters" and then grant Admistrators and NetworkService full access to the group using the Security tab on the AD object. This is a dummy group and should be used as a placeholder only. You might want to add a description so that the group is not removed.
  2. Force or wait for Active Directory replication.
  3. Restart the following services:
    • Microsoft Exchange Search
    • Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller
This worked a treat for me! Almost immediately the StalledDuetoCI changed to either CopyingMessages or InitalSeeding on the problem mailboxes. The migration continues!