Tuesday 17 June 2014

MDT Error Litetouch Deployment Failed, Return Code 2147467259 0x80004005

You are trying to deploy Windows 8.1 via a MDT 2013 and Task Sequence you have used on many occasions. After you boot the from the LiteTouch deployment disk, select the Task Sequence and click Finish, the Task Sequence immediately fails with.
Litetouch Deployment Failed, Return Code 2147467259 0x80004005

Although there are a number of articles on the web relating to MDT share permissions, registry keys and multicasting (PXE boot was not being used) none of these worked for me in this instance.


This issue here was that MDT could not initiate the partitioning of the hard disks, an educated guess why this happens is MDT is checking the destination disk for space to establish the Task Sequence Cache, if there is not sufficient space it fails? If this is incorrect and you know the exact reason please share it below.

Click Finish and break out of the Deployment Summary window to Command Prompt. Type diskpart at Command Prompt.

Type list disk to identify which hard disk contains the stale instance of Windows. Disks are numbered, to select the disk type select disk x

Now type clean and this will remove all of the existing partitions from the hard disk.

Reboot the machine and type running the same Task Sequence again, this sorted the issues for me in this case.

The Task Sequence will now continue.